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Wine Cooler Repair

We have extensive knowledge and experience in this field and understand how important it is to provide smooth running of your wine fridge. So, you can rest assured we do our best to solve every wine refrigerator and under-counter wine cellars problem, and we do it quickly

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Wine Cooler Repair Service in Orange County

Wine Cooler Repair in Orange County

Wine Cooler Repair in OC, CA

Sometimes wine refrigerators need repair. Help by providing wine storage and ideal cellar conditions. A wine cooler, also known as a wine refrigerator, is a perfect decision to store your wine if you don’t have a wine cellar. Depending on its type, wine should be kept at 45° to 64° degrees Fahrenheit.

Wine fridges provide optimal wine storage conditions by chilling and ensuring the ideal humidity of the environment. That’s why any wine refrigerator malfunctions should be troubleshot immediately.

Of course, our company specializes in professional wine coolers with separate condensers and air handlers, but we can also help home wine cellars. If you have a large collection of expensive investment wine, you just need to know our contacts, because only we can urgently bring your equipment back to life.

Common Breakdowns and Malfunctions

The wine fridge does not run at all

A lot of reasons can lead to this problem. First, inspect the fuses, breakers, and cooler’s power cords. The first may be blown, the second tripped, the third loosened

There is water near and under the wine refrigerator

A solution may be to clean or replace the door seals. It can also happen if the door does not close. Sometimes a drain hose is to blame

The cooler can’t lower the temperature to the proper level

The reasons vary depending on the model. However, the cause may be a bad compressor or condenser. Other common issues are thermostat or evaporator fan motor malfunctions

The cooler is too noisy

If you hear either popping or cracking sounds, there is no problem because such noises are a sign of the changing temperature. Vibration noise can occur when the appliance is not level. But if your wine refrigerator is making either grinding or squealing noises, you need to request wine cooler service

The door will not stay closed

Confirm the wine fridge is level. If the cooler level is not the cause of the problem, clean the door gaskets or check the positioning of the shelves and try to rearrange them

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What Types Do We Fix?

Types of wine coolers

For wine lovers, manufacturers of specialized storage equipment produce a huge number of models and types of wine refrigeration. Good Repairman provides repair service for a wide variety of wine cooler:

Built-In Wine Coolers

Wine Cellars

Undercounter Storage

Based Wine Fridges

Do not hesitate to call us if you have any trouble with your wine cooler. Our first-rate technicians are ready to be available when you need them to provide your wine refrigerator with prompt and efficient repairs. Clients value us for our ability to bring this appliance back to its perfect condition in a short time so they can continue their casual life enjoying their wine-drinking experience.

Wine Cooler Problems We Can Solve

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Help By Providing Wine Storage Conditions That Are Ideal

Call us at 949.394.0845 to schedule our repair services or fill out the form on our website

The door seal or door gasket is torn

Your cooler has high energy consumption

The fridge compressor is out of order

There is strange noise while the cooler is running

Water is leaking from the equipment

Your wine fridge not cooling

Solving problems with the wine cooler

We'll take care of the storage of your wine. If you have any problems with your wine refrigerator or wine cellar, whether listed here or not, our technicians are great at repairing any equipment

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We Have All The Parts In The Van

We replace all parts of the wine cooler

Regardless of the problem, at Good Repairman we are ready to provide the equipment and materials to replace the parts on any wine cooler.





Peltier units



Fan motors

Cooling nodes

Door seals



90 days warranty on installed parts. Whatever type of problem you're experiencing, you can count on to get the job done. Over 25 years of experience.

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Brands of Wine Fridge That We Service

Kings Bottle Wine Cooler Service Allavino Wine Fridge Services Liebherr Wine Refrigerator Repair Tecumseh Wine Condenser Service Wine Enthusiast Fridge Service Hoshizaki Wine Cooler Repair Arctic Air Wine Refrigerator Services Magic Chef Wine Fridge Service Vinotemp Wine Cooler Repair Summit Wine Refrigerator Repair