Commercial Fryer Repair Service

Your commercial deep fryer is very important to your business. You likely invested a lot of money into it, and you need it to provide a solid return on your investment.

Commercial Fryer Repair

Deep fryers are essential for creating a variety of menu items. From fried foods to tasty snacks, you need your deep fryer working properly to serve customers and keep them happy. When your deep fryer needs repair, it can be a major disruption to your business.

Even The Highest Quality Fryers Need Repair

Commercial deep fryer repair is dangerous to attempt on your own without the right training.

It is crucial that you find a commercial deep fryer repair service to help restore your product to its original glory.

Electric Deep Fryer Repair ServiceGas Deep Fryer Repair Service

Over time, your fryer may experience normal wear and tear. When commercial gas fryer repair is not necessary, restoration fryer repair services may be beneficial. Your skilled technician can replace worn out commercial deep fryer parts and have your equipment working again in no time.

Most Common Issues

Low temperature and overheating.

Deep Fryer Tips: Determine the Issue with Your Fryer

Proper Work Fryer

The thermopile is broken.

If the pilot light for your fryer will not turn on or stay lit, a broken thermopile may be to blame. This part serves as the fryer’s heating element and is essential to the operation of your equipment. One of our qualified technicians can easily replace the thermopile if this is the issue.

The thermostat is faulty.

The thermostat of a deep fryer is responsible for regulating the temperature of the fryer oil. If you are experiencing oil that overheats or does not heat up enough, the thermostat could be the problem. Our technicians are able to replace the thermostat on your commercial fryer in no time.

The burners are clogged.

Over time, it is easy for materials to build up and block your fryer’s burners. If you are having trouble lighting the burners or keeping them lit, they may be too blocked. You can use a stiff brush to clean the burners yourself. If this does not work, contact us to assess the issue.

What Types of Fryers Does Good Repairman Repair?

We understand that your business is unique and requires a specific type of fryer to be successful.

 Fryer Repair ServiceFryer Oil Filtration Equipment and Parts

The various types of fryers may face different problems related to the pilot light, thermostat, burners, and more. Over time, your fryer will experience normal wear and tear and should be serviced to meet your exact needs. Our technicians are trained to handle commercial fryer repair for a range of deep fryers to better serve you and your business.

  • Gas fryer
  • Electric fryer
  • Tube-type fryers
  • Open-pot fryers
  • Flat-bottom fryers
  • Pressure fryers

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Why Should You Trust Good Repairman With Your Fryer Repair?

We know you have options when you search for “deep fryer technician near me,” so we strive to provide service that goes above and beyond.

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We are able to address any and all repair problems for your equipment and offer high-quality maintenance and restoration fryer repair. Whether you need a problem solved fast or commercial deep fryer parts, Good Repairman are the best repair company to meet your needs across California.