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HVAC Maintenance

Contact us if you need experts in heating and cooling services; for more information on our repair and service services or what we can provide, call (949)394-0845. Our contact us form. Please speak to us today.

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HVAC Maintenance Orange County

HVAC Maintenance Orange County, CA

HVAC Maintenance Service

You depend on your HVAC systems to keep your Orange County property comfortable all year. HVAC maintenance keeps your climate control working correctly. Cooling and Heating is a leading heating and AC service provider that has helped homeowners get maximum comfort from their homes for more than twenty years.

Air conditioners, heaters and other devices keep us cool in summer and warm during winter. When their heating and air conditioning devices stop working, most people start to think about them. Regular HVAC service reduces the chances of failure and increases the lifespan of your unit.

For all of our maintenance customers, we are fully committed to first-class service, affordable fixed prices, and excellent response times. We are proud to be owned and operated by professionals and are pleased to be trusted and relied upon.

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Who do we maintain?

Orange County HVAC Maintenance Service

A Good Repairman ensures that all parts of the system are maintained:

Coils Evaporator

AC Condenser




Air Flow

There are three different types of HVAC maintenance programs: inspection and inspection, standard maintenance, comprehensive maintenance, and much, much more. Learn about each program and which one is best for your home.

We're among the best in our field. Cooling and Heating, Inc. will design a program perfect for your facility.