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Refrigerator Repair

Fresh groceries this is the secret to culinary success. If you cannot perform refrigerator repairs because they are very complicated, it is time to contact a professional technician. We can help you!

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Fridge Repair Orange County, CA

Refrigerator Repair Orange County

Miracles do not happen. If you have purchased your fridge recently, you will unlikely need to provide it with any repairs except tune-up or slight modifications. Your refrigerator is relatively new. It is easy to get it back up and running, primarily when a well-trained and experienced technician accomplishes this task. But if its lifespan ends, its parts can be worn out. In this case, repairs can be costly and impractical, and it would be better to replace your old fridge with a new one.

If you carefully maintain your refrigerator, it can operate for 14 years or more. However, as it ages, it becomes less efficient and breaks down frequently. If so, you must compare its future repair and maintenance costs with buying a new refrigerator. Get connected with us, and our experts will determine the issue with your fridge and advise you whether you need to repair or replace it. Be sure to call us at 949.394.0845 today.

Fridge Problems That We Can Fix

Your refrigerator isn’t operating.

1Check if the power cord is plugged into the outlet.

2Confirm it’s supplied with power. If the light doesn’t come on when opening the doors, you may need to reset the breaker. Inspect the fuse if there is a box in your house and replace it if it has blown.

3If the refrigerator still doesn’t run, the outlet may be to blame. Plug another electrical device into the outlet. If it starts, the outlet is not out of order.

4Check if Demo or Showroom mode is on and switch it off if necessary. You can find this on the display. This mode doesn’t let the appliance run. Sometimes, Demo or Showroom mode may be activated by mistake at delivery or when cleaning the refrigerator and its display.

The temperature inside is too high.

1Confirm that the appliance has operated long enough to be cold. After control adjustments, it can take two days to lower the temperature to the proper level.

2If a crisper, meat, or deli drawer is not as cold as it should be, set the airflow controls to a colder mode. The air will blow harder and will be able to lower the temperature in the drawer.

3Analyze if you can access the condenser coil. You can do this if it is behind a grill near the floor. If so:

  • Turn the fridge off. After that, you can unplug it.
  • Remove the grill and get rid of the dust on it and under your fridge. You may need to use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Using mild soap and warm water, wash the grill and return it to its place.
  • Take the fridge’s power cord and plug it into the outlet, switch the refrigerator on, and set the desired temperature.
Your refrigerator fails to make ice.

1Check if the ice maker is activated and turn it on if necessary. The procedure varies depending on the fridge. You may need to slide the wire arm from the upper to the lower position, or you may need to move the switch to the “on” position.

2Confirm you didn’t turn off the water supply valve by mistake and turn it on if necessary.

3If there is stuck ice, you must clear it from your ice maker. Warm water or a hairdryer can help you manage this task.

4Check the Lock mode is off. Turn it off if necessary because this mode deactivates an ice dispenser.

5Make sure the filter is not to blame. If you changed the filter long ago, you may need to replace it now, as a dirty filter can cause such a malfunction.

It creates too low a temperature.

1Confirm there was enough time to change the temperature in the appliance. After control adjustments, it takes up to two days to bring the temperature to the proper level.

2Ensure you don’t have an ice maker turned on while the water supply is disconnected. Turn off the ice maker to deactivate it, if necessary, to prevent the fridge from lowering the temperature for ice production.

3If you have recently made a large quantity of ice, the fridge temperature may be lower than usual. It can take 24 hours or more to return to the average temperature.

4Confirm the water filter is clean. If it is clogged, the water amount sent to the ice maker is reduced. This results in low ice production and automatically lowers the temperature to increase the production. Replace the filter if necessary.

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Refrigerator Services

Refrigerator Services Orange County

Good Repairman provides repair services for a wide variety of refrigerators:

Built-In Refrigerator

Wine Cooler

French Doors Fridge

Side-by-side Refrigerator

Different refrigerator types face additional problems. French door refrigerators often leak and have an ice maker or water dispenser malfunction. Common issues with wine refrigerators are related to their ability to keep the temperature consistent. Garage refrigerators must face low outside temperatures in the winter and high outdoor temperatures in the summer. In both cases, there is an extra load on the fridge as it needs to ensure excellent contents in the summer and operate smoothly in the winter when it is frigid outside.

Common Fridge Malfunctions That May Require Repair

Refrigerators have enough problems, but we can quickly solve any of them. Here are the issues that most often occur with refrigerators:

Contact our reliable repairers for any problems with your refrigerators.

There is no argument, but life without a working refrigerator is unbearable. Call us at 949.394.0845 to schedule a fridge repair, or fill out the form on our website.

There is a strange noise while the refrigerator is running.

It is covered with frost inside.

The door seal or door gasket is torn.

Water is absent in the dispenser.

The appliance is leaking.

The fridge has high energy consumption.

It can’t produce ice.

The refrigerator compressor is out of order.

Refrigerator Services Malfunctions

The above are just some of the possible problems with your refrigerator. If you have any issues, whether mentioned here or not, feel free to contact the professionals at Good Repairman, who are local, qualified, experienced, and ready to come to your rescue at any time

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Why Should You Turn To Us For Services?

At Good Repairman, we have everything you need to solve any refrigerator repair problems, as well as thorough maintenance of your refrigerator. Our team consists of very experienced and qualified technicians. They have already proven their ability to handle even the most complex repairs. Being local, we strive to cover all refrigerator repair needs throughout Orange County. In other words, we are the best company to choose if you need a refrigerator repair. Try our services, and you're sure to love them.

Refrigerator Appliance Repair

Fridge parts replacement Orange County

Customers should be more careful when ordering parts online from popular marketplaces. You should only use tested components; this will extend the life of your appliance. Regardless of the problem, at Good Repairman, we are ready to provide the equipment and materials to replace the parts on any refrigerator.


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Door switches

Ice maker components




Replacement bulbs







Water filters

Defrost heaters

Installation parts are covered by a warranty of more than 90 days. Experience confirms our high qualifications--more than 25 years of experience.

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Brands of Fridges That We Service

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Quick Tips

Why is my refrigerator running so noisily?

The refrigerator is not leveled.

The drain pan is chattering.

The compressor mountings are not tightened properly or become too stiff.

The condenser fan is broken.

The evaporator fan is broken.

Why isn’t my refrigerator cooling sufficiently?

The temperature control should be set lower.

The temperature control is defective.

The condenser coils are dirty.

The door stays open.

The door seal is defective.

The door gasket integrity is broken.

The door switch is defective.

The evaporator fan is defective.

Ice has blocked the evaporator.