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Dryer Repair Service

There is nothing better than fresh, perfectly dried bed linen. If you need quality repairs and maintenance on your dryer and vent cleaning, look no further than Good Repairman. We can fix any problem with your dryer, as well as help you install it!

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Dryer repair service in OC

Dryer Repair in Orange County

Dryer Repair in Orange County

Whether you have a gas or electric dryer, you can rely on our locally trained and fully licensed technicians who are excellent at repairing and maintaining this appliance. We can fix any dryer malfunction, from door adjustments to more serious problems manifesting as burning odor, insufficient heat output, and more. We can fix them all.

The process of the dryer can be described as follows. The dryer has a drum, as it rotates, heated air circulates in it and evaporates moisture. This is where the ventilation system comes in, which removes this moist air to the outside. The dry air fills the remaining space in the dryer and increases the drying efficiency.

If any part of this system fails or the dryer vent becomes clogged, the drying process stops or becomes less efficient. Our technician can save you from these problems by repairing your laundry room unit or cleaning your vent.

Problems You Can Solve Yourself

The gas or electric dryer fails to start

1Confirm the door is tightly closed, opening and closing it again to be sure.

2Confirm the dryer is well-supplied with electricity or gas. If other appliances don’t start after you turn them on, reset the circuit breaker or check the gas supply.

3Inspect the fuse and replace it if blown.

4Ensure the dryer is connected to the outlet and plug it in if necessary.

The dryer won't circulate hot air

1Inspect the thermal fuse connection and ensure this part isn’t out of order due to overheating.

2Check if the igniter is sparking. If it is not, it means the igniter is broken or burned out, and it can’t heat up. Thus, the radiant sensor can’t trigger the gas valve coils, and heat isn’t generated.

3Ensure the heating elements aren’t burned out. Test the gas valve coils if you are the owner of a gas dryer. Test the heater element if you possess an electric dryer.

Drying cycle is too long

1Check the drying cycle you selected. Change it to one that generates warm air for faster drying.

2If you choose an Air Dry or Air Fluff option, the drying process can be a little longer. Ensure the exhaust vent, located outside, isn’t clogged.

3Ensure the vent hose is not damaged. If you need to replace it, use a metal hose, not foil or vinyl.

4Make sure the length and positioning of the vent hose meet recommended standards. It should be up to 25 feet if it is straight, and up to 20 feet if it turns at a 90-degree angle. The shorter length of the vent hose with an angle is due to the airflow restriction it imposes. In short, exceeding the recommended length results in increased drying time.

5If you have a gas dryer, be sure it is well-supplied with gas. To check this, you can turn on another appliance that works on gas:

  • There should be a flame on gas ranges.
  • On a gas furnace, the heat should be easily produced when you set it to 80°.
  • The pilot light of the water heater should be on.
Strange noises come from the dryer

1If you hear clicking sounds from your gas dryer, there is no problem at all. Such sounds are ordinary signs of switching the gas valve on and off.

2Inspect pockets of the clothes you are drying and remove any coins or other items.

3Inspect the drum base to find and remove all loose items.

4Check if the dryer is level and stays on the floor with all four feet. Adjust the feet if necessary, as the noise can come from the dryer shaking while operating.

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We Can Work With

Types of dryers

You can have any type of dryer. Good Repairman provides repair services for a wide range of dryer:

Gas Dryer

Electric Dryer

Vented Dryer

Condenser Dryer

In fact, there's not much difference between gas and electric dryers. The initial investment in a gas dryer is quite high and a ventilation system must also be installed. However, running on liquefied or natural gas is more economical in the long run. Electric dryers compared to gas dryers are cheaper to buy and install, and easier to install. It works fine with a conventional steam system. However, its overall cost of ownership is higher. Our technicians know all about both types of dryers. This allows them to get to the cause of the problem quickly and solve it efficiently. So you can count on Good Repairman if you have a problem with your dryer.

Tasks We Can Handle

If you have any dryer malfunction, no matter how major and complicated it is, at Good Repairman we provide you with professional assistance to get your appliance back up and running.

To Reduce The Damage To Your Dryer, We Strongly Recommend That You Correct The Problem

Contact us as soon as you have any of the problems listed below:

The temperature of the dryer is very high

Your dryer fails to start

The dryer isn’t spinning

Your dryer doesn’t heat

Things don't dry

Your dryer makes an unusual noise

Solving problems with the dryer

Any dryer problem can lead to its total failure, increasing your energy bills as well as threatening your safety. To prevent this, it is highly recommended to provide your dryer with regular and thorough maintenance

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Why Choose Us

If the dryer fails to start, make sure it is plugged into the outlet and there is no power supply problem with the outlet. The cause of this malfunction can also be a faulty switch, terminal block, or thermostat. If a tumbler is rotated, but the circulated air stays cold, there could be a problem with a temperature switch, heating coils, or a fuse. The lack of rotation when the motor is functioning properly may be due to a damaged belt, bad idler, or bad roller. A bad motor may also be to blame. This situation is very dangerous and must be fixed immediately. It may happen due to a thermostat malfunction, heating coil failure, as well as when there is a blockage in the vent. And more, more.

We Have All The Parts In The Track

We replace all parts of the dryer

There can be countless options for breakdowns, but. Regardless of the problem, at Good Repairman we are ready to provide the equipment and materials to replace the parts on any dryer.



Door switches


Idler pulleys



Temperature switches


Heating coils


Heater box

At first glance, no special skills are required to fix a dryer, but this is a misconception. The technician must be qualified. 90 days warranty on installed parts. Over 25 years of experience.

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Brands of Dryers That We Service

GE Dryer Service Frigidaire Dryer Repair Maytag Dryer Services LG Dryer Service Whirlpool Dryer Services KitchenAid Dryer Service Electrolux Dryer Services Samsung Dryer Service Kenmore Dryer Service Insignia Dryer Repair Dyson Dryer Services Amana Dryer Service