Ice Machine Repair Service

Commercial ice machine repair is one service that we are happy to provide to local businesses throughout the region.

Restaurants across America all serve different types of food with different styles, but there is one piece of equipment that almost any restaurant will need--an ice maker machine. Ice machine are the key to being able to provide nice, cold refreshments to your customers as well as performing several other functions around the restaurant. In fact, it’s safe to say that you would have a hard time functioning on a day-to-day basis without a commercial ice maker. Since restaurant owners know that this is true, they also know that having a reliable company to provide affordable and quality commercial ice machine repair is also essential.


When you consider ice machines and the regular services that you’ll need done on them, there are two main options: maintenance and repair. Which one you need will depend on how severe the issue is or what your end goals are. Luckily, we provide both of these!


If you want to prevent future repairs from happening, then maintenance is the option you’re looking for. With our services, you’ll be able to keep your ice maker in good condition even as it ages to save you from having to shell out huge amounts for significant repair of your ice machine.


If something does happen to go wrong with your ice machine, call the region’s best commercial ice machine repair service. Our commercial ice machine service will easily diagnose and repair your machine quickly to reduce downtime and ensure your restaurant doesn’t have to go long without a viable ice machine.

Our Company Will Provide Prompt Service For Several Types Of Machines, Including:


  • Cube ice machines
  • Flaked ice machines
  • Commercial ice makers
  • Half dice ice machines
  • Nugget ice machines

At Good Repairman, we perform commercial ice maker repairs and ice machine removal, servicing businesses large or small in California.

Possible Problems With Your Ice Maker Machine

Many times, while diagnosing the appliances, professional repairmen could find any number of issues that would require minor or extensive repairs.

  • Electrical problems — cracked or broken wires can affect commercial ice maker operation, whether arcing or improper calibration
  • Evaporator or Condenser issues — these important parts need to be cleaned and debris-free, as well as sanitized, for the health of your customers as well as for consistent operation
  • Water filter replacement — all commercial ice maker water filters need to be changed on a regular schedule, for sanitary means and to keep ice tasting fresh for guests and customers
  • Bins, Hoses, Tubing checks — often these parts of the ice machine can suffer from mold, mildew, or mineral buildup, so they should be checked and cleaned regularly, possibly even removed and properly sanitized or descaled
  • Temperature regulation — commercial ice maker repair could hinge on the temperature exchange that helps produce the ice; without proper temperature regulation, the appliance simply will not work to your satisfaction

Ice Machine Troubleshooting

A professional repairman is your best bet for ice machine repair handled correctly, but there just may be some easy ice machine troubleshooting steps you can take yourself.

This would ensure your ice maker is absolutely in need of professional service.


  • Ice machine not making ice — make sure the automatic wire arm is down, or check the water supply for leaks
  • Ice maker bin stuck — move the bin back and forth to loosen it, or try some hot water to unfreeze it from the appliance
  • Water leaking — look to see if any parts are visibly loose and can be tightened; if anything is damaged beyond DIY home repair, call a professional
  • Jam in the ice maker machine — mostly likely ice cubes are stuck together, or created a large cube that’s causing a jam and not producing new ice
  • Ice not coming out — check to make sure the arm is in the proper place, and if there are already too many ice cubes in the bin
  • Lock mode is on — check the Lock mode on your refrigerator’s ice machine, which will automatically disable the ice maker if activated

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We have flexible scheduling options and can provide you with some very affordable options for your ice machine repair needs. Our friendly staff members are waiting for your call now!

Good Repairman can provide you with regular maintenance appointments, during which we will inspect your ice maker machine and do any maintenance that it needs. This helps to prolong the life of your ice maker and save you money in more major repairs.