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Ice Maker Repair

If you need ice maker machine repair or want to start regular maintenance visits for your commercial ice machine, contact us today. We are the best in this business. Try our service with guaranteed high quality.

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Commercial Ice Maker Repair Orange County

Ice Machine Repair Orange County, CA

Ice maker machine repair near me

Restaurants across America all serve different types of food with other styles, but almost any restaurant will need one piece of equipment- an ice maker machine. Ice machines are the key to providing excellent, cold refreshments to your customers and performing several other functions around the restaurant.

It’s safe to say that you would have difficulty functioning daily without a commercial ice maker. Since restaurant owners know this is true, having a reliable company to provide affordable and quality commercial ice machine repair is also essential.

A professional repairman is your best bet for correctly handling ice machine repair, but there are some easy troubleshooting steps you can take yourself. However, keep in mind the following. Parts for your unit are expensive and will not be covered under warranty if installed by a non-certified technician.

Commercial Ice Machine Repairs You Can Solve Yourself

Not making ice

Make sure the automatic wire arm is down, or check the water supply for leaks.

Ice maker bin stuck

Move the bin back and forth to loosen it, or try some hot water to unfreeze it from the appliance.

Water leaking

If you see any loose parts, tighten them. If you cannot fix the damage yourself, contact a professional.

Jam in the ice maker machine

Most likely, ice cubes are stuck together or create a large cube, causing a jam and not producing new ice.

Ice not coming out

Ensure the arm is in the proper place, and if there are already too many ice cubes in the bin.

Lock mode is on

Check the Lock mode on your refrigerator’s ice machine, which will automatically disable the ice maker if activated.

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What types of ice machine maintenance services?

Ice maker repair service Orange County

There are several different models of ice machines, both commercial and portable, for home kitchens. This does not come as a surprise to us. Good Repairman provides repair services for a wide variety of ice machines:

Self-Contained Machines Repair

Ice Dispensers Cleaning

Modular Ice Machines Maintenance

Countertop Ice Makers Service

We provide prompt service on all ice machines to produce cube, flake, half-cube, and native ice. While diagnosing the appliances, professional repairers often could find any issues requiring minor or extensive repairs. At Good Repairman, we perform commercial ice machine repairs and ice machine dismantling, serving businesses large and small in Orange County.

Possible Problems With Your Ice Maker Machines

Commercial ice maker repair could hinge on the temperature exchange that helps produce the ice.

Contact our reliable repairers for any problems with your ice maker machine.

We have flexible scheduling options and can provide you with some very affordable options for your ice machine repair needs

Electrical problems

Evaporator or condenser issues

Water filter replacement

Bins, hoses, tubing checks

Temperature regulation

Ice quality improvement

Ice maker repairman

We have flexible scheduling options and can provide you with some very affordable options for your ice machine repair needs. Our friendly staff members are waiting for your call now!

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Why Should You Turn To Us Ice Machine Service?

Maintenance and repair are the two primary services you can choose from for ice machines. The type of service you require will depend on how severe the problem is or what your goals are. We provide both! We can schedule regular maintenance appointments to inspect and maintain your ice machine. It will help extend your icemaker's life and save money on more expensive repairs. We can also diagnose and repair it quickly to minimize downtime.

We Have All the Parts for the Restaurant Ice Machine Service

Hoshizaki ice machine repair service

Regardless of the problem, we are ready to provide the equipment and materials to replace the parts on any ice machine at Good Repairman.


Cold controls


Door switches



Replacement bulbs






Water filters

Float switches

Ninety days warranty on installed parts. Over 25 years of experience.

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Summit Ice Maker Service Cornelius Ice Machine Repair Hoshizaki Ice Maker Services Scotsman Ice Machine Service Manitowoc Ice Maker Repair Ice-o-matic Ice Machine Repair

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