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Can you imagine our lives without ovens and stoves? All of us have become highly dependent upon these kitchen appliances as they enable us to enjoy delicious meals that we can cook with as well as enjoy the cooking process. That’s why ovens and stoves are considered an important and useful appliance in your household.

If you need to provide your oven, stove, or range with quality repair and maintenance, look no further than Good Repairman. We can fix any problems with your cooking appliances. No matter if you have a gas or electric oven, you can rely on our local skilled and licensed techs that are great at repair and maintenance of these appliances. The same can be said about stove or range repair and maintenance. Contact us with any issues, from door adjustments to major problems that occur when your oven or stove fails to turn on or heat properly. We can cover them all. Our local licensed technicians are skilled and well-experienced to handle any task.

Oven Expert Tips: Malfunctions You Can Troubleshoot Yourself

The oven fails to work

1.  Check if it is unplugged and plug it in if necessary.

2.  Check if it’s supplied with power.

3.  Switch off the circuit breaker. Wait 30 seconds, then switch the breaker on again.

4.  Inspect the fuses, tighten them properly, and replace the blown ones. If they are in good condition, remove them and after 30 seconds replace them.

5.  If your oven is gas-powered, confirm it is well-supplied with gas:

6.  Turn on the surface or broil burner, depending on the type of oven you have, to check if it lights. If so, you can be sure gas runs to the appliance.

7.  If you turn on the burner but it stays dead, it means it is not supplied with gas. In this case you need to confirm the main gas valve is not off. You can find this valve behind the oven.

8.  If there are clock settings, confirm you enable them and set the clock if necessary. Turn your oven on after the clock-setting procedure.

Preheating is too slow

1.  If the oven heats up to 350° Fahrenheit within 20 minutes, there is no problem at all. It is functioning properly. So, make sure you wait at least 20 minutes.

2.  Confirm the door is closed tightly. It takes a longer time to preheat when the door is open. Close it if necessary.

3.  Another reason for a long preheat time may be related to the heating element location. If the heating element is located under the oven’s floor, preheat time is usually longer than 20 minutes.

4.  Check if there are any large utensils such as baking stones in the oven. The presence of large utensils increases the preheat time.

5.  Make sure there is no aluminum foil inside your appliance and get rid of it if necessary. Sometimes it is used to make the oven bottom or racks more level, but it increases the preheat time.

The oven settings don’t let you set the temperature more than 287°
  1.  Check the oven temperature scale you’ve set. Typically, manufacturers limit the maximum oven temperature to 550° Fahrenheit or 287° Celsius.
  2.  Your problem with selecting a temperature over 287° may be because your oven temperature settings use the Celsius scale, not the Fahrenheit scale. Alter the controls to Fahrenheit scale according to the manual instructions.
The oven door stays locked

1.  If you are unable to open the door up to an hour after a self-clean cycle, there is no problem at all. This is a preventive measure to keep you safe, as the temperature inside the oven is very high during and right after the self-clean cycle. The door unlocks as soon as the oven cools down. So, make sure you have waited long enough before trying to open the door.

2.  If the problem remains after the temperature has returned to a safe level, reset the self-clean cycle as follows:

3.  Start the cycle and wait 15-20 seconds for the lock motor to stop.

4.  Cancel the cycle and wait 15-20 seconds for the lock motor to stop again.

5.  Try to open the door.

6.  Ensure the lock-out feature is not active and disable this option if necessary. Follow these steps as they can be applied to almost all models:

7.  Find the Stop/Clear or Clear/Off button. Press and hold this button for three seconds until you get a sign the door is unlocked. Usually you can hear a beep and see a flashing lock-out indicator on the display indicating the door is unlocked.

8.  Confirm the lock-out indicator on the display isn’t flashing. Then you can try to open the door. Do not try to open the door while the indicator is still flashing because by doing so you can break the latch.

9.  If you locked your appliance manually, the problem may be because the manual lock became stuck while locking. In this case, do this:

10.  Confirm the oven is cold and wait if necessary.

11.  Try to unlock the door by moving the lever from the locked position to another one while pressing on it to release the tension.

12.  Remember: if you can’t move the lever without effort, do not force it as you can damage the lever.

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Problems With Your Cooking Appliance We Can Address

  • The burner fails to turn on.

This problem can happen due to a bad burner, outlet, or switch. Exchange it with another burner to find out the cause. Our experts can solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

  • The oven fails to bake, or the broiler fails to grill.

This is likely due to problems with the bake igniter. Another issue may be with the gas valve. In both cases, the solution is replacement of the part.

  • You can’t set the burner to produce less heat.

The typical cause of this problem is switch malfunction.

  • The indicator light doesn’t turn off.

Usually the switch malfunction may be to blame.

  • The oven door stays locked, and you can’t open it.

The door may be stuck if the self-clean latch is not properly aligned or if the clock control is out of order.

  • The self-clean feature doesn’t work properly, leaving your oven dirty.

This problem often occurs when the self-clean latch breaks down or the function selector breaks.

  • The oven fails to produce enough heat or there is no heat at all.

The causes vary. For example, you may need to replace the heating element.

  • The oven temperature is uneven.

The bake oven igniter or a defective temperature sensor may be responsible for this malfunction. This may also happen due to a selector switch failure.

In order to reduce the damage to your washer, we highly recommended addressing the problem as soon as you discover it.

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No matter the issue, at Good Repairman we are ready to have equipment and materials to replace parts on any oven, stove, or range.

Dryer Parts

  • Thermocouples
  • Burners
  • Dials
  • Gaskets
  • Switches
  • Temperature sensors
  • Valves
  • Relays
  • Bake igniters
  • Spark modules
  • Ignition wires
  • Controller boards
  • Thermostats
  • Spark electrodes
  • Self-cleaning latches
  • Safety valves
  • Heating elements
  • Igniters

5 Year warranty on installed parts. Over 25 years of experience.

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Quick Tips

Why isn’t my stove’s surface burner lighting up?

  • The pilot light is out.

  • Something is blocking the burner pilot porthole.

  • The burner or the flash tube has been moved.

  • The range isn’t supplied with power.

  • The electric igniter produces no sparks.

  • Something is blocking the burner flame openings.

  • Too much air is entering the burner.

  • Air access to the burner is limited.

Why is my stove not running?

● The range isn’t supplied with power.

● The power cord is defective.

● The terminal block is burned.