Commercial Cooler Repair Service

If you find yourself in need of commercial cooler repair, don’t put it off. The problem will likely only get worse over time.

Nothing is better than a nice cold drink, which is why a broken cooler can hurt your business. Commercial coolers are large and expensive items that can be difficult to repair on your own. Your bar, restaurant, or store needs a commercial beverage cooler to store bottled drinks, alcoholic beverages, and more.

Unfortunately, Problems Arise With Your Appliance

Regularly maintain your unit and follow all manufacturer recommendations for cleaning and service.


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When it comes to walk-in cooler repair service or commercial wine cooler repair, you need an expert technician who is familiar with your equipment. The right service will be fast and efficient for your commercial cooler repair. In no time, you will be serving cold beverages to happy customers once again! For reliable and efficient commercial cooler repair services, contact the Good Repairman today.

4 Cooler Tips: Common Problems & Solutions

Your Commercial Beverage Cooler Is Not Turning on

If you having trouble with your cooler or fridge not turning on or receiving power properly, there are a few common issues that could be the cause. Check that your cooler is correctly plugged in and switched on according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Look at all wires for your outlet and check that voltage is present to make sure power is running to the wall. If you are using an extension cord, that may be the source of your problem.

Your Cooler Isn’t At The Right Temperature

If your beverages are not getting cold enough, the placement of your cooler could be to blame. If your fridge is placed against a wall, this can prevent proper air circulation. The gasket or gauge that modifies the temperature could also be worn down or broken. A skilled expert can easily provide replacement parts.

Your Compressor Won’t Get The Unit To Cool

If your compressor is preventing your cooler from lowering the temperature, it is probably time to clean it out. Over time, dirt and debris collect and block the part. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for properly cleaning the compressor.

The Light Is Out In Your cooler

This issue is often solved by checking the bulbs. When you decide to replace a light bulb, ensure it’s the approved product for your fridge’s manufacturer.

What Types Of Commercial Coolers Do You Repair?

The Good Repairman understands that every fridge is different.

Your industrial beverage cooler meets the unique needs of your company, and we offer quality service to fix any problem it experiences over time. You can also request maintenance service to keep your cooler functioning properly year after year.


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Why Trust the Good Repairman With All Cooling Service?

The Good Repairman is the top provider of commercial coolers maintenance in served area.

No one provides expert service like the Good Repairman. Our skilled technicians have considerable experience with a wide range of industrial dining and business equipment, and they can handle any problems you face with your beverage cooler.

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From regular maintenance to replacing commercial cooler parts, your technician can identify and solve any problem. They will work with you to suggest the proper course of action and provide valuable tips and information on caring for your unit.