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Commercial Dishwasher Repair

At Good Repairman, we have all the tools and experience needed to repair any issue with your commercial dishwasher. Our skilled technicians can handle everything from restoration dishwasher repair to industrial dishwasher maintenance and replacement parts.

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Commercial Dishwasher Service Orange County, CA

Commercial Dishwasher Repair Orange County, CA

Commercial Dishwasher Repair in Orange County

Your dishwasher can reduce the workload for your staff by providing an efficient way to clean dishes. Manual washing cannot compare to the power and speed of a commercial dishwasher. Most businesses must comply with local laws and health codes, which may require your commercial dishwasher to be in good working order. When your business relies on a smoothly functioning commercial dishwasher, any disruption can significantly impact it.

Over time, ensuring your equipment is functioning correctly is essential. Commercial dishwasher maintenance can help spot potential issues and replace commercial dishwasher parts before your equipment breaks. The Good Repairman understands how vital your dishwasher is for your business. Our technicians can help you identify problems and provide guidance on solutions in a friendly and efficient manner.

Find the Root of Your Problem On Restaurant Dishwasher Service

Your equipment is leaking

There are a lot of possible reasons that your dishwasher is leaking. Check the following areas and parts to determine the source of the leak.

Boilers and rinse tanks, O-rings, Door seals, Water inlet valve, Float assembly or switch, Rubber elbows, Wash bosses and spindles, Hoses, and Pipe fittings.

If you find any of these items to be the cause of your leak, our skilled technicians can help resolve the problem.

The dishwasher has stopped filling

The issues related to a dishwasher that has stopped filling are often more complicated and require the assistance of a skilled technician. An issue with your water inlet valve, float, timer, or electronic control board can cause this problem.

Your unit is not draining

The most common issue related to a dishwasher that is not draining is obstructions. You should check for food particles or objects that are blocking the flow of water. These may be stuck in the drain hoses or drain slump. If you recently had an interruption in power, your dishwasher may have stopped mid-cycle.

The dishwasher is not properly cleaning dishes

This problem can be very frustrating. Try following the instructions and recommendations from your dishwasher manufacturer to clean and maintain it. If these processes do not provide a solution, our technicians can help uncover and resolve the problem quickly.

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What Types of Commercial Dishwashers Do We Serve?

Commercial Kitchen Dishwasher Repairs and Maintenance

With the proper upkeep, your commercial dishwasher can last for years and be a valuable asset to your business.

Low-temperature models

High-temperature models

While commercial dishwasher services are needed for major issues or the replacement of commercial dishwasher parts, you can follow these tips to maintain your equipment over time. Follow the size and capacity of your dishwasher to avoid overloading it. Overloading your machine can seriously damage it and cause your dishes not to be adequately cleaned. Remove food from plates. Scraping food from your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher will prevent food particles from building up and clogging your machine. Ensure proper use of the commercial dishwasher. It is essential to train yourself and your staff to properly use all equipment to extend the life of your dishwasher.