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Good Repairman® strives to minimize the waiting time to receive the required repair. If you need a home or commercial appliance repair today, that's great - we offer a same day appointment. We're always transparent about our material and labor costs, allowing you to make timely decisions related to your needs and budget.

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If you are looking for reliable repair services for your residential or commercial equipment, please contact us!

Our company provides only professional services for the repair of household appliances. You can rest assured that repairs will only be carried out by licensed technicians. Call us at 949.394.0845 or use the form on our website.

All Repairs Guaranteed!

Is your kitchen appliance or laundry equipment broken?
Please contact us without a doubt.

Kitchen Appliance Repair


With our kitchen appliance repair services, you can enjoy your cooking experience all year-round. We are ready to handle any task and offer viable solutions for every issue.

Laundry Appliance Repair


Keep your laundry appliance in excellent condition with us. Our professional and certified technicians fix all problems with your washing machine and dryer quickly.

Commercial Applaince Repair


Ensure smooth operation of your commercial appliance with our repair and maintenance services. We deal with any brand or model. Your business will work run non-stop.

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Favorite Services

These are just some of the types of household appliances that we repair and service.

Refrigerator Service


Some people postpone an important repair of the refrigerator, fearing that due to an unscrupulous technician they will overpay for it. Contact Good Repairman® for a quick repair of your refrigerator.

Dryer Service


We offer the best range of dryer repair services, while completing each job quickly and at an affordable price. Our company also serves all types of dryers excellently.

Washing Machine Service


You can count on our experts for every question related to your washing machine. If you're having problems with a washing machine that doesn't wash, you can rely on Good Repairman®.

Wine Cooler Service

Wine Cooler

Let our trusted local experts take care of your wine cooler. We serve all types and types of wine refrigerators, both built-in and freestanding, as well as full-fledged wine cellars.

Dishwasher Service


When your dishwasher breaks down, you now know that there is only one reliable repair service you can turn to. Our reliable professionals will quickly and efficiently repair your irreplaceable device.

Oven Service


Our experts will make an excellent repair of your oven. Give us a call today and let's get started planning a productive new future for your oven! Homemade food is the tastiest.

Good Repairman Company

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Every technician at Good Repairman® is friendly and courteous. This makes your work with us very pleasant. We strive to provide you with the highest quality service and take care of your safety during repair and maintenance work.

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Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to provide you with quality and modern services. For this reason, each of our
technicians is constantly researching current industry technologies and new brand features
to stay on top of cutting edge technology.



If you compare us to other repair companies, you will find that none of them can compete with us. Many satisfied customers are the best proof of this. You have nothing to worry about as we solve your problems ourselves to find a solution.



Diversification of services is much better than concentration as it provides tremendous opportunities to improve the quality of all services. That is why we prefer to deal with household appliances of a wide variety of types and brands.



We are good at assessing and solving problems quickly. Thank you for choosing our company. Feel free to ask for discounts when you call us, as we sometimes run promotions and you can order our services at a lower price.

Our advantages

Working with Good Repairman®, you get first-class service, attractive prices and many other benefits

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Significant experience allows us to solve any problem with your household equipment,
no matter how modern it may be

Customer review

Tiffany Johnstone

Laguna Niguel

The team of technics working at Good Repairman is the best in the business. They offer competitive rates and ensure that they leave customers smiling. My family is lucky to have you as a significant part of our lives. Thanks a lot.

Honest customer review

Bryan Swift

Anaheim Hills

After plenty of below average performances by most repair companies, it was beautiful to find guys when we did. The level of professionalism and confidence shown by the, Mark is beyond impressive.

Correct customer review

Patrick Jacob

Long Beach

My search for a good appliance repair company led me to Good Repairman, and on meeting Sobir for the very first time, I knew immediately that I’ve found a goldmine. Excellent customer service and a top-notch delivery.