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Soda Dispenser Service

From water to soda, commercial fountains keep your customers hydrated and happy. Your commercial fountain likely brings in a lot of your revenue, and you rely on it to get customers in the door. You have invested a lot of money and resources into your soda fountain, and you need it in proper working order to get a return on that investment.

Where To Find Fountain Soda Services?

Customers love a nice cold drink. Whether you need a water fountain or water bottle filling station in your business, or you sell soda and soft drinks, commercial fountain maintenance is necessary from time to time.


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With repeated use, your unit can experience wear and perform at less than optimal levels. If your unit stops working altogether or experiences another serious issue, it is time to find fountain soda services to repair your machine. When it comes to fountain dispenser repair, you should only trust trained soda fountain service technicians with your machines.

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Expert Tips: Common Fountain Soda Repairs

Soda is not dispensing from your machine or the soda is flat.

Your CO2 levels may be to blame for this issue. You should check the gauges on your unit to ensure the pressure is adequate and CO2 remains in the cylinder. If this does not resolve the issue, our certified technicians can help.

Your unit only dispenses water, not syrup.

This can be a headache when you are trying to serve customers or keep them happy. The first step when this occurs is always to check that you still have syrup remaining in the box. It may be time to replace your syrup.

You have syrup build up or mold.

You can flush the lines of your soda fountain machine with water, baking soda, and a sanitizing solution. This process will clear out the lines and improve the taste and quality of your beverages. You should repeat this cleaning process as needed to keep your machine in good working order.

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Commercial Fountain Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Unit Clean

A lot of commercial fountain service needs can be avoided through proper cleaning and maintenance of your unit.

Commercial soda dispenser repairNot only will these procedures keep your machine working year after year, they will provide higher quality products for your customers. Regularly cleaning your fountain drink machine is essential to commercial fountain maintenance. Follow these tips to keep your unit in the best shape.

  • Wipe down the drain areas every day. Ensure there is nothing blocking the drains.
  • Use a mild bleach solution on the drains periodically to keep odors away.
  • Do not use chemicals when cleaning your fountain nozzles. Soak the nozzles in hot water and use a cleaning brush to remove syrup buildup.
  • Wipe down the outside surfaces of your unit on a regular basis.
  • Clean all connectors by soaking them in hot water.

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If your fountain drink machine is a staple in your business, it can be a nightmare when it breaks.

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The Good Repairman understands the stress and hassle that can arise when your unit is not functioning properly. We take all of the necessary steps to ensure you receive quick and effective soda fountain service in California. Our highly trained technicians and water fountain service technicians can identify and resolve any problems related to your dispenser. With us by your side, you will be serving fountain drinks to customers again soon!